Song of the Day

Celebrate ATL fans, I’m officially a new fan too 🙂 😉 😀 Now Playing: Missing You by All Time Low Lyrics: I heard that you’ve been Self-medicating in the quiet of your room, Your sweet, suburban tomb. And if you need a friend, I’ll help you stitch up your wounds. I heard that you’ve been Having…

Blog Snippet 2

I just want to speak for a brief moment in behalf of my fellow INTJ’s: We are not a bunch of crazy nerds living our own worlds. We would just want to make sense for our own. Period. PS: We can be cold at times, but we love y’all 😀

Songbase: Christmas Without You

I was just bored, so I wrote a song.. Note: Everything is fictional Verse I can’t walk on snow Without a thick fur coat But I can’t live this life If you leave me, please don’t I am fine without gifts If that’s what’s supposed of me But my young soul uplifts When I feel…

A Busy Week: December 6-12

Because of these “numerous” interconnected events that happened in this week, I would just sum it all up in one blog post. But before I would start, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to WordPress and its affiliates, for making this simple blog a success. Enough with these cliche acknowledgements, let’s start the story….


Sabi nga nila, “Hindi araw-araw ay pasko”. We always encounter a point in our lives when we did the best we can, but seemed like we’re held back. It comes to mind that we’re not playing a fair game. But that is the point. We are in a biased world, we can never avoid that….

Blog Snippet 1

So today I’m having mixed emotions about the incoming quiz bee. I pray that God will bless all of us contestants and make this event a success. 🙂

Punk Goes Christmas!!

A cool playlist this incoming Christmas for the average punk-lover: Disclaimer: All songs belong to their respective owners. 1. Sunrise Skater Kids – 12 Days of a Pop Punk Christmas 2. Crown The Empire – There Will Be No Christmas 3. My Chemical Romance – All I Want For Christmas Is You 4. New Found…

Photos, please?

I started this blog from scratch. And I can’t let it survive without pictures on. So I need to find high quality photos from random sites (via Google Searches) to relieve the thirst. Also, I can put snapshots of my PC activities here in my blog, but I can’t really put pictures, I mean my…