About This Blog

This personal blog was created by me, Rekarlo Punzalan, also known as karelo911. Some of you guys who are passing through this blog would tend to ask “What for?”, “Why did you make this blog in the very beginning?”. The answer is simple, I just want to express myself.

Through my blog post, you would recognize me, or maybe not. Most of you who are reading this wouldn’t know me anyway. But I don’t care. I just want to tell the world who am I, why am I here, and what am I standing for.

It’s the nature of us INTJ’s to struggle to “make sense”. It has a good side though, a way for me to tell the world what really is happening within and beyond myself.

This blog isn’t mainly about depression, but I know that you are beautiful / handsome and are meant to live and enjoy in this world. This blog isn’t mainly about the world’s cruelty, but I know that we have to survive this irrevocable fact. This blog isn’t mainly about love, but I know that we all tend to experience this in some point of our lives and I get to have an urge writing about it. This blog isn’t mainly about me, but it’s mainly about how I am free to connect with people in this huge (but seemingly tiny) planet.

As you read this blog, I would like you to know that to err is human, but to play with knives and deep touching / breaking words is a thespian.


The name The Thespian’s Knife 2.0, was adapted from my Tumblr blog, The Thespian’s Knife, obviously I just added a 2.0 in it 😀 . The word “Thespian” came into my mind as I listen to the song “The Thespian” by Alesana (one of my favorite bands). I chose this name because our world is a stage, some are lead characters, some are extras, some people are the least you expect. And that is how I ended up with the name.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, this blog is just about my daily life, your daily life, and their daily lives, some things here are as shallow as a river, but some are as a deep as the sea. Some are blunt than a fist, but some hits sharper than a knife.

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