About Me

I am Rekarlo S. Punzalan, INTP, average osu! gamer, awful singer, mediocre musician, freelance poet, noob blogger, an ordinary high school student incarcerated by an additional 2 years of senior high, and an advocate of Oxford commas.


I’ve used karelo911 as my username for almost my whole “social-media” life. I don’t know why, but I just scrambled out the letters of my name (killing one letter r) and adding three numbers of my random choice. That’s all.

My actual name though, is from my parents’ and sister’s combined. Re, variant of Erika, my sister; kar, another variant of Carlito, my dad; and lo, from Lolita, my mom. Seems weird huh?


I love a lot of things: math logic (but it’s unusual that I hate math puzzles 😛 ), poetry (particularly the Poe-try ones), music (I love rock and post hardcore music, less metal, and absolutely little to no mainstream), blogging (it’s my first time spending enough for a blog), and everything technology – I love macbooks (wish I could own one), smartphones (more with the customizable droids), and sniffing default Wi-Fi passwords 😀 .

Some others I would like to note are here (man, I’m just starting to be open to the critical public):

Color: Black and Red
I’m not sure, but when it comes to healthy veggies, I prefer the infamous pakbit.
Music: Rock, post-hardcore, throat-murdering screamo, and maybe anything else except jazz and too poppish music.
TV Show: I rarely watch TV
HobbiesPlaying osu, (I’m gonna link my blog about it here in a short while), listening to music, and browsing the internet (I almost never leave the computer other than short lunch and dinner breaks and sedentary routines.. I really have to change my routines to a healthy one)
Time for activities: Night, Early Mornings (when I’m motivated enough)

Personal Goals

I have a bunch of goals in life that I want to achieve and share through this blog, some are normal, some are awkward and least expected, but humans are humans, and eachfof us is different. We just have to accept that fact.

  1. To be a successful electronics geek (I just love fiddling with gadgets and networking).
  2. To have a full drum set (with double pedals) and be a cool drummer (not that serious, but nothing’s impossible, right?)

More about my life info? Ask me, Fb me, Twitter me, or whatever-you-want from me.