Why I Left Blogging (and Why I Came Back To It)

Hi! I just logged myself back into WordPress after a year of inactivity. I have been deleting my old drafts as I start anew. I just want to tell why I’d seemed of “stopped” doing any blogs. It’s an easy question to answer. I have been busy (life’s always busy) doing school work and other-things-that-I-think-would-make-sense-but-just-a-lie-kind-of-sense work. I have also been too lazy ever since my last blog post.

But now I’m back and half of the people who would be reading this (if 0 then still 0, you can argue with that) would ask me why I’m even attempting to get that old passion for blogging back. It’s the more complicated question that I’m trying to answer right now.

(1) I have been thinking too much about things that I’m not certain if they make sense or not. I want to share “some” to you. (2) I want to reminisce the enjoyable experience while brainstorming and hovering my fingers over my computer keyboard. I don’t really want to just kill time, but I (3) also want to learn new things while writing.

So that’s it. I lied. It’s not really complicated like I promised you earlier. What matters right now is how I get to sort my thoughts again to form another cool argument that someone, whoever reads this, could read and enjoy.

For now, I’m leaving you with an MBTI Triangle.


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