Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. Well nobody reads it anyway so who cares? 😀

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who congratulated me for my achievements this school year. Truly everyone of you were a part of who I am now.

So I don’t have much things to talk about. Let’s skip to my story for today.


So I was browsing my old files in my computer (that’s right! I have Windows 7 now woohoo! Well who cares anyway). MAPEH files; Hiphop, Reports, and some song I wrote last year for some presentation.

I thought of like… sharing it to you guys. No hard feelings, it may be a senti song, but it’s worth it. For those who ask how does this song sound like, just think of it as a poem and forget the melody. Hahaha 😀


by Yours Truly

Well it seems to be
That I just don’t care
But it hurts so deep
It’s not that, I’m just scared
And I don’t think there’s still reason
And it’s sad that I’m still missing

I believed
You have had the guts to be
Hiding your fears
“There’s no more turning back
There’s no point leaving that”

Still I am
Your best admirer
Still I’ll be
Your friend hardwired
Into your sweetest smile
I wouldn’t see in miles and miles

It’s over
The world has pulled me down


Stay with me
For just a little moment
Would you wish for me
Wish me goodbye
Cause I don’t think there’s still reason
And it’s sad that I’m still missing


Thinking of
The past songs I have listened to
The memories that I have shared with you
My fantasy, to be with you

It’s over
I’ll never stand a chance


I wouldn’t stare out at the stars and wait for the rain to fall
If not for me failing again I know there’s something ‘bout this wall
The wall that kept us, the wall that kept us apart
It’s not so easy to go back from the start

But I should have lied
I should have kept myself, my sanity for life
I should have died, and never saw your effing face



Thanks for listening – er, reading. Hahaha hope to write more posts this Summer Vacation 😀


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