We are all the (different) same

It’s been on the front pages and headlines – black vs. white, women abuse and discrimination, genocides, LGBT marriages, elitism, etc. Humans have predicted that someday, one of us will stand up alive amidst the blazing wars, riots, and tight competition.

I watched a documentary yesterday about the idea of superior races (it’s from the Morgan Freeman science-show thing). They found out that differences in race – where we live and how we look and speak different from the others – is more than just our skin color, hair color, every concrete element we have in ourselves.

It was said that our race is embedded into our DNA, 99.5% the same with any other person of any human race, proving that all of us are “unique”.

It’s true that we live on different ways regardless of what race we are. It’s more of a personal aspect, and cannot be deemed as a whole or a sector. Not everyone of us has the skills in artistry, music, theater, or even the simplest chores we do in our households. Also not any two of these skillful persons would have the same level with the same and different conditions.

Which means that everyone of us is considered different, sometimes these differences as mutations in our genetic code may be beneficial or unfavorable to ourselves and the society.

Take for example, experiments proved that (apparently) incurable diseases such as cancer are linked to genetics, much worse also linked to our race. Could it mean that people who have early adapted to these kinds of conditions are another superior race to lead the future worlds inhabitable by the rest of us?

But if we don’t want to rely on superiority, why don’t we just unite instead, forming an entity no single human could ever be? Well maybe until we prove that equals are lies, we’d stick to the long-live quote “No man is an island.”


Life truly is like a gamble, we could never exactly predict what happens in the next few seconds as you read this article. It can gamble our talents and win eternal youth, same way it can gamble our knowledge and still be the dominating species of the next generations. And in the end, one will lose, one will enjoy triumph.

But the question still remains, “Is it still true that we are ‘all the same’?”


We can NEVER be the same – we are indeed like snowflakes on winter, yet each of us is beautiful. Each of us may be bound to live a life we like or not, but as always, each of us can still be equal.

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