The Price of Ideas

Let’s go back to the purpose of this blog. I don’t intend this to be just for myself. Though sometimes you’ll notice that I write some personal articles, I prefer to stick to my vision as to let them hear my voice about this world (that I often find misleading cynical things from). It’s complicated still.

So I just want to go straight to the point about this. “Everything has a price.” Even though you want to steal such a precious thing, it’s worth precious bad karma (it sounds cruel, but it’s absolutely true).

I just want to take myself just an example (so much for an impersonal blog). I could never write an article that easily, and I discovered that writing with an outline can make myself spread ideas, but limited to a relevant range.

It’s my weakness. I sometimes think too much that I even get myself lost from the exact point, or even make me contradict myself. So I just want to give a piece of advice. Give yourself the freedom, but make sure you have the goal to take yourself back to where you’ve started (I mean, just don’t get too lost, that’s it.)

I don’t intend to write further in this article, so it’s better to just criticize my posts. I beg you to be my worst critic and tell me (even if it hurts), and I’ll appreciate it. 🙂

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