Merry Christmas!!!

Osu greeted me with an update 😀

It may be true that some of us may not be able to celebrate Christmas at all, but the best part is that we remember God who sent Jesus Christ to save us from our sins.

That’s the true spirit of Christmas right, guys?

Also, I sent an email to my loved ones with this poem 😀

The sky may not pour snow
Fireworks come and go
We just want to show
To say and greet hello

Christmas is coming
Brilliant lights flickering
Every gifts they’re giving
Is certainly worth thanking

But who cares about these gifts
These bright lights, a feast too,
If we’re not to feel the spirit
To give love and joy too?

Christmas is not about what
Most people talk about
It’s about how we thank Jesus
A savior we can’t live without

He was born on a stable
A manger filled with hay
Yet never did they babble
Still they’re happy and gay

It’s not about the money
Nor the gifts that we receive
As long as we are jolly
And always have love to give

So we thank you for the things
That make us contently sing
We wish you this holiday
That we’d meet again someday

Again, I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas 🙂

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