Songbase: Christmas Without You

I was just bored, so I wrote a song..
Note: Everything is fictional

I can’t walk on snow

Without a thick fur coat

But I can’t live this life

If you leave me, please don’t

I am fine without gifts

If that’s what’s supposed of me

But my young soul uplifts

When I feel you here with me

But where have you gone?

Last night was just fun

And I don’t remember you saying

“I’m sorry but we’re done”

And far away you’ve ran

To a place behind the sun

My love you’re the only one

But now it’s just none

Verse 2
I see the Christmas lights

Spread out like the leaves

Lighting up the darkness

Of my empty Christmas eve

I’m sorry I failed you

Cause you’re precious to me

I need you, I need you

I thought I’d just be free

I have to, I have to

Stand beside our walls and melt them down

Chorus 2
If you’re not coming back

Then I’ll be coming there

I’m standing by the gates we’ve held

When you were still out here

As I knock and call your name

I hope you’ll hear me say

“I can take a whole year

But no Christmas without you”

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