A Busy Week: December 6-12

Because of these “numerous” interconnected events that happened in this week, I would just sum it all up in one blog post.

But before I would start, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to WordPress and its affiliates, for making this simple blog a success.

Enough with these cliche acknowledgements, let’s start the story.

Note: It would be better to read this blog while playing the songs, or the other way round if you hate my music taste 😛

Playing: Shine On by The Amity Affliction. Lyrics Here.

It has been a busy week for me (even though I started drafting this post on Wednesday, I already made a prediction). And I know that it’s not just me, it’s my whole gang, friends, classmates, schoolmates. The whole world’s busy (as always).

The major reason why I was busy is the preparation for our quiz bee held last Friday.

Day 1: Sunday

I was currently doing random things, playing osu (this game is quite a long story, so I have to write a whole article about it here), listening to music, singing along, and a few Facebook posts and chats.


This is Osu! I’m gonna make a blog about this game sometime

Day 2: Monday

This morning I was “summoned” (is it the right word? xD) by my science teacher for this review. I was having this initial awkward feeling gushing to my veins as I make my way to get along with a few fellow Aquinians forming our team for the said quiz bee.

Plus, I just told you guys that it was a busy week so the coaches were quite busy too. Good thing we had the strength to borrow a few handouts for our self review.

Nothing much happened, just a few “boys’ talks” and two instances of going to the canteen for spicy hotdogs.

The teachers gave us a reviewer though.. would like to share it with you guys 🙂


Day 3: Tuesday

‘Tis the second day of our review for the Quiz Bee. But instead of focusing on our studies, we had mastered a daily routine. What routine is it you ask?

> 2 Spicy hotdogs per day
> Same random talk when the teacher’s not there 😉
> Going home earlier than expected

It was fun, but never we realized that the next day would be the last day we will ever enjoy. 😦

Instead of spending time, I just took some photos of the book I was reading, Who knew that “Eutrophication” would make much sense?

Also I remembered seeking shelter underneath the bleacher seats of the sports complex. I sat there for a few minutes with my phone charging on a nearby socket.

Singing in my head like “He’s banging your friend underneath the bleachers..”

Day 4: Wednesday

Today’s the last day of our review for the Quiz Bee we call “Tagisan ng Talino” to be held in the Concepcion Plaza (is it Plazuela?). We had a quite rigid review (plus the same daily routine).

We only have limited time left, so we had a rush through a couple of books in the library. Plus the Kasalesayan book (about the History of Concepcion) our Araling Panlipunan Teacher gave us.

Rush, rush, rush

I guess my bag’s ready though.

Again, my lone bag, in the perspective of my waiting bench

That night, I had to finish our SIM (Strategic Intervention Material) for our Math subject. Usual habit of sleeping at 12:24 in the midnight.

Theme: One Punch Man!!

I didn’t feel the excitement and nervousness yet. But I did feel conscious about myself, not having enough time to review my notes.

Day 5: Thursday (The Big Day)

So the day has come. We said our prayers, held our palms together and shout “May Forever!!”. We just had fun, I told them the same. It’s God’s choice who wins and deserves the victory.

Filler: I just listened to All Time Low, and they’re “toATLly” cool!!

Sad to say, we didn’t win the competition – we didn’t get to maintain the 4-year streak B.S. Aquino had. But something has come into my mind: That forever comes with the price of absolutely never giving up.

What actually happened: The quizmaster asked “Evaluate three over five raised to three..” The other school interpreted that as (3/5)^3. In our perspective (that there was actually no “quantity” or () said in the question, we turned into 3/5^3 (totally different answer).

Caluluan High School: 27/125
BS. Aquino National HIgh School: 3/125

You guys decide. :3

Good thing our schoolmates were there with full support. Our teacher was firm in his defense of our answer. But the question was just deemed VOID.

We lost motivation, and we just gave up. That’s a mistake we did.

Still, we’re happy that we still get to receive the same amount of cash price 😛 .  Kidding, we are contented enough.

Fake smile? No, we’re still happy.

Day 6: Friday

Today is my rest day, so the three of us (me, my mom and sis) went to SM Clark. Actually, my sister was just about to buy a pair of stockings for their Teacher’s Night. I just joined them.

While waiting for the next bus..

Hungry? Go for Mr. Kimbob’s Meat Lover’s (I repeat, I’m not an endorser). I just love Kimchi, much as how my sister hates it 😀 .

Food court adventures..


Then before we were about to go home, I just came across a fortunate serendipity. Guitars in Lyric were <some percent> off. So I got myself an early Christmas present. Thanks Sis! 😀

Actually I was supposed to buy an electronic keyboard, but I just realized keyboards doesn’t feel the same way. I preferred the practice snare drum kit, but my mom insisted on the guitar, so..

“Nashville” sounds familiar :3

Day 7: Today, Saturday

The whole day I was back into the computer, making some changes to my blog and writing this lengthy blog post.

I’m nearly done.. *sigh*

To sum it all up, it was really a busy week today. But one thing to note here: Busy is different from productive / fruitful. Being busy means doing a lot of things, but being fruitful means learning from them.

So that’s all for this week. Have a nice day everyone 😀 😀 .

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