Photos, please?

I started this blog from scratch. And I can’t let it survive without pictures on. So I need to find high quality photos from random sites (via Google Searches) to relieve the thirst.

Also, I can put snapshots of my PC activities here in my blog, but I can’t really put pictures, I mean my phone pictures, because they’re too noisy and in low quality that it’s unbearable by the naked eye.

So I decided to find a good photo source online. I looked up “free photos” but ended up with vector sites like Photobucket, etc. Then I suddenly passed by Flickr. I’ve known Flickr (I mean I’ve heard of it, that’s just how I know things anyway) for quite a long time, yet I didn’t have time to browse through it.


I had witnessed these amazing photos from professional photographers. I would do my best to credit you guys. *smiley face*

Credits: Two Red Bowls from Flickr

I also found out that some photos are not allowed for download. Anyway, my utmost gratitude to those who spread their pictures for free.

So I get to have some pictures to write with by now. Before I get to set my phone or have something to take better pictures with.

Comments / suggestions? Type it down here or any of my social links.

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