Just My Opinion: Why I hate Mainstream Media and Popular Culture

“You just have to go with the flow”

Have you ever experienced being deemed out of place because of your failure to comply with the system, the standards that manipulate the lives of each of us like a limp marionette?

Puppets can be scary, but being one is far worse

I’ve personally been watching videos from The School of Life on YouTube, and it had given me a eureka moment. It occurred to me (though I knew and believe at it far earlier) that media is such a dangerous tool to mankind. It can really take full control of any human being, by feeding him with false information and assumptions that are surreal or can not/never be proven true.

Defining media, in it’s most general form, is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data. In it’s singular form, it is medium, fathomable by human minds as the one that bridges. What evil could be spurting out of the means for us to connect with each other and beyond?

The problem is, it is indeed us that make these problems against ourselves. Information is important, significant, and useful for many points of view in its purest (and truest) form. But as the information goes down the steps of the bridge it passes through, it starts to morph, to change shape into a form that we could not actually consider the same as the original.

Imagine that there are a thousand people participating in a world-record message relay. Trying to say the words We are all the same, it turns out that as the message reaches the first hundred it is likely that it’s diminsihed to just “We are the same”. Doesn’t sound different? Well what if we fast forward it to halfway the track? Would it be impossible that “We are the same” turns out to be “We are the sane” (who cares? it’s just a letter). Well what if someone on the 600th lies and say that “We are the insane?”. It’s difficult to track when the information we had is altered. Worse, it’s nearly impossible to know the truest of them all.

Even the most authenticated newspapers and magazines make mistakes too. Although seldom, these mistakes are much more destructive for its readers expect it to be as accurate as it can be.

So how can we connect it to the mainstream? Let’s have a little bit of page-break as we brace ourselves for the truth (absolutely not the mainstream truth, but only how I view the system of our society and what I consider my truth)

Don’t hate me ’cause I don’t wanna be famous. LOL

So let’s face this. Frankly saying, most of the things that the majority appreciates are just trash. It may seem that you’re holding a grudge about what I say, but it’s true.

It’s also true with things that are not famous but were destined to be. The major element that constitutes this ugliness in mainstream culture (or whatever you call it) is change. They would gamble the change (undesirable, unnecessary and untrue change).

Let’s cite an example. Singer A is a rising star, a singer from <insert any location>. He/she wants to make himself/herself more famous as the streak begins. It’s the natural tendency of the human mind, even I am a victim of this. Without knowing, the change that he/she undergoes (picking fights with a few cops, uploading video scandals in purpose, and even shifting his/her theme to a demonic one to attract more demonic listeners, etc) haven’t only make this person famous, but packed with unbearable flaws.

Media is destructive (self-destructive) to be precise. It can do whatever it takes to headstart a lie-low, and bash down the ones on top. I don’t know what it’s their purpose, but it can never be cured (it’s a social disease, right?)

So I have noticed that I’m writing this in a too-general sense. I don’t intend to offend or ruin someone’s mindsets, but that is the shocking truth of mainstream media and pop culture.

Hate me? Like me.

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