Untitled Poem #1

Source: gapyear.com

Note: This was supposed to be an oration (but it was out of my knowledge that an oration is somewhat more like a speech that a poem). So I’m just gonna post it here.

I’m here to tell you a story
Of two little children who once lived so merry
Never knew each other they each grew afar
But fought the same battle, fought the same war

This war was the scariest and bitter-est of all
It terrorizes millions, curls Goliath to a ball
But never has society pleaded for its demise
As the night drowns the sun, never again it would rise

It started with a lovely yet poor kid Lily
A fruit from a tree with roots set to flee
“I love you, I wish I have seen you, Daddy”
Her only faded picture of a man she’ll never see

She can’t see the truth, much less would she hear
Her innocent eyes was long buried in fear
She grew for herself, through rags and trash
To wake up early, by her owner so rash

If not for her parents who took care of them
A dozen-and-one and counting by the hem
Her soldiers left the battlefield, and abandoned these lives
Her mother lived a virgin, her dad looked for wives

One day, this princess should live to be free
To be on her own, like the world would always be
Not tied up with chains, not her whole life in vain
She’ll make it out of here and escape this much pain

As she works to beg and beg for their alms
A wicked deadly monster takes glances and hums
A hum like the sirens of distress and panic
This girl is not safe near this merciless manic

“Oh kid, where art thy parents beloved
Sure they’d never leave you alone in this road
Why don’t you follow me and I’ll raise you instead
I’ll feed you with apples from a sparkling spoon of gold.”

She answered so shyly, “Oh sir, I can’t be
I have to go home now, or my lord will be angry
He’ll beat me till I just sleep with the pain
The sun starts to set now, I think it will rain.”

“Rain, it’s just rain, and I know it’s still winter
Despite these cherry blossoms that fill the mid-air
Come with me, and I will save you from death
Or if you want me to do it, I warn you, I dare.”

He grabbed by the arm, the helpless girl cried
A little kid came to the rescue, eyes wide
He clenched him on the feet, strong enough to let loose
A girl won the fight, from a sacrifice to lose

“I wish I had known him, I wish we would see
Each other someday, like my old family”
She ran off as fast, and hid by the side
Returned to her slave-owner, or she’d quickly died?

Nobody ever knew what happened after
Crashed dreams of these kids to indulge in laughter
But their lack of love from their parents reside
In their hearts they feel sadness they will never confide.

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