Tough Love

“Looks can be very deceiving..”

I didn’t know what had gotten into my head, but these words had me thinking deeply this whole morning.

We were having a seminar/workshop/whatever=you-call-it-event in our school library. Blessed us in disguise for we are not having any regular classes by now.

“Ano bang gagawin natin?” I asked myself, my friends, my other classmates. They were similarly clueless as I am.

It was until I heard these inspiring words, these “hugots” that had me immerse myself in this event. It was unexpected, and it was awesome.

Currently I’m writing this part of my blog post on midday. I’ll just follow-up later tonight.


So I didn’t had the guts to continue my post until now, November 28, Saturday. I had a lot of plans (discontinued plans) so I postponed it.

Until now.

Going back to how I recall what just happened, I realized a few key things:

  • I didn’t actually know what true love is. It’s true. Even most of my classmates would admit “Ah ganun pala yun.. Hindi pala true love yan eh..”.
  • In accordance to bullet no. 1, I am not in love. All these days, it was just the power of infatuation.
  • I can make it. Yeah, it doesn’t belong with the former two, but having some open discussions in a group helped me boost my confidence.

I’m not gonna write much anymore this time. I’ll just gonna keep you guys updated with my eurekas in life.

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