Shut Up and DANCE!!

Yesterday I used up our local holiday here in Tarlac (guess what? It’s Ninoy Aquino’s birthday) for our dance practice in Mapeh.

We already had plans the day before: Meetup at 7-11. “piso per minute” (paying an additional peso per a minute of tardiness) and arrive together at my classmate’s house by 9am.

Too bad they didn’t have a picture in Google

Well let’s have an expectation vs. reality comparison. All of us (except two) arrived at the convenience store, but not until about 9 am. We (the boys) bought ingredients at our local market, while the girls stay at the stalls waiting for the others.

It was a cool plan for three of the boys (Me and a couple others) to walk the path. The rest told us that it’s too damn hot to do such thing, but nobody stopped us. Hihihi.

So we went ahead, we passed by a couple gasoline stations, to the cemetery, and finally at Cope, Concepcion, Tarlac.

I haven’t seen this personally, but it’s the only good picture the Internet had

Turn left, go straight, turn right at the third block, go straight, turn right? I think I forgot. So the unexpected happened, we got lost. Too bad, right?

Our 2 kilometer walk has turned out to be a couple more. We were given the serendipitous privilege to explore the wonders of Cope, Concepcion, Tarlac. Which is, a bunch of houses, goats, and dogs aiming at us like high speed cannonballs. Though it was tiring it was fun.

About 10:30 AM we successfully arrived to our destination. My classmate’s second house, seemingly an old sari-sari store with a parking garage for 2 cars blanketed with dirty white covers and a rope hanging out there waiting for me like it’s time to end this life, kidding.

There’s still ample space for us to learn new steps and practice our hip-hop dance. The speaker’s set up, my groupmates are excited and ready (sort of), and we have a considerably reliable Wi-Fi connection next door (just in case we need a few ideas or update our Facebook accounts).

That lunch, we had a mini-buffet (is it really that way?) and had a few gulps of icy cold water on shared glasses (it’s cool, indeed).

That afternoon we finished our dance (quite). We already know a bit about our formations, so others had to go because they should not be arriving home late in the evening or had an important appointment (or tournament, yeah!! I’m talking about you xD). But before we called it a day. We had a little classmate bonding with our all-time favorite Lucky Me Pancit Canton.

Does it seem to you that I’m endorsing something? xD

So after that we settled our plans for another practice this Monday. So that’s all for my Yellow-is-the-New-Black friday. See you guys. ^^

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