Who’s the Thespian?

I adopted the name The Thespian’s Knife from my tumblr blog. Originally it was from one of my favorite band Alesana’s album The Emptiness.

Seems totally haunting, right?

As one of those punk lovers, this is art. Embedded in this sweetcore rock album is a story, about a sketch artist back in the 1800’s. This person (coined The Artist in the album) has woken up to his lover, Annabel, cold and dead beside him. He uncovers the haunting mystery of her death throughout the album. In fact, it is part one of the band’s Annabel Trilogy, including the other two albums A Place Where The Sun is Silent and Confessions.

Going back to my blog’s name itself, I chose it because it reflects myself imagining myself as a person who acts (like acting in a drama) a role that is not exactly me.

I love to write poetry, yet I don’t care much about utterly deep literature. I love music too, but I can’t write a good song. It doesn’t really make sense actually, but if you were me, it is horrible and awesome at the same time.

I started to write blogs because I was a fan of mademoisellerika in tumblr. She is cute, writes Mariana Trench poetry and has an aura that made me had a crush on her for months. In fact, her words has inspired me to write poems on her own.

And though she never updated for almost a year..

Having someone to look up to is a very good motivation. Yeah I know it sound “pabebe” but it’s true.

So that’s all and more information about my past blogging on tumblr. See ya guys, while I’m having to memorize three dozens of computer lingo for school.

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