Throwback Poetry: Love or Lust

“It doesn’t seem like it, but it feels like it..”


Living my mortal life as a normal guy
Yet made a grave sin and I’m worthy to die
I fell in love with two equal maidens
The Love and the Lust, their beauty glistens

The two young girls are twins to death
And nobody can tell which of them is who
I’m forced in a trance to the sound of their breath
Can’t believe I desire one, but both of them two

Love is the shy type, she leans on my arm
She sleeps in my chest in no chances of harm
Her kiss so tender, her lips comfy warm
Her eyes of lavender, her smile is a charm

While they look exactly the same as the one
The other twin Lust is much worth the fun
A certain kind of fun, a night-warming fun
She dances rhythmically before the rising sun

And years and years passed, and decades have too
I can’t seem to choose which among the two
Is it Love the calm beauty like an angel, indeed
Or Lust, a demon tempting my flesh to lead

“Thou cannot serve two masters at once”
And thou cannot love two lovers at once
Like kings couldn’t have a couple of queens
Like fruits couldn’t sprout from a couple of trees

And so I have made my yet final creed
A decision, regretful and shameful indeed
I married the Lust, let Love go amid
My sorrowful lusted and selfish greed

If I could have chosen Love in the first place
I wouldn’t have burnt in hell in a craze
The worldly celebrates as I writhe in fire
For it is flesh and not faith I have admired

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