Whatever you call it, rejection, dejection, negation, it’s all the same. It feels the same, sad, depressing, awful, bitter. But we have to experience this at least once in our lives.

No, never once, never twice, but most of the time. I can recall a thousand rejections in my life, not including the ones that I don’t consider as rejection but is considered true by others.

Rejection hurts, but it will hurt more without acceptance..

It is natural for us to feel this way. Moreover, it is natural for us to accept it, to face it, to forget it’s pain.

There are many types of rejections: Rejection by self, rejection by family, rejection by colleagues, rejection by friends, rejection by loved ones, etc.

1. Rejection by self


We do tend to reject ourselves sometimes likely because we are rejected by others. It is our last resort to these cruel acts to ourselves. People tend to give up on their lives. They tend to commit suicide, even though suicide is “A permanent (and irreversible) solution to a temporary problem”.

2. Rejection by family


Family is the basic unit of the community. It is the only one we have (actually) to lean on to in times of trouble. Not every one of us is lucky to have one (a whole, happy one). While sometimes they are considered “whole” if you are included. In other words, you are being rejected by your own blood.

It hurts too much just by hearing that. What more if we experience it for real?

3. Rejection by colleagues and friends

Isn’t it ironic that you are getting rejected by the ones you always expected to pick you up? It is true that some friends are not “true friends”. Some are backstabbers, some are leechers, some are care-only-when-they-need-you-ers. We should know if the ones we are befriending are loyal or not, for it would highly affect yourself (and your social status).

Rejection is common in students too. Source:

Colleagues anyway, are just usual”rejectors”. They tend to envy others who are in the upper hand of their jobs, the ones who get promotions because of good work performance and attitude.

Rejection is inevitable. It’s likely that after reading this article, one of us is going to experience it.. again and again.. So the question we should ask is, how can we cope with it?

Coping with rejection

I admit myself I was rejected by lots of people. The only thing I did was to accept it, and not be sad about it. “It’s their loss anyway..” I think.

The first thing we should do when we feel negated or rejected is Pray. Ask God for help. He will give you the answer and the patience to move on.

The second thing is to get used to it. The more we are rejected, the stronger we get to survive the next one, but too much exposure to rejection can lead to numbness, wherein you cannot feel a thing anymore.

But don’t worry. Every thing that happens in our lives has a purpose. I would like to restate the fact that we are born in this world for a purpose, and it’s not to drown in rejection.

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