If I could just have text for blogs, I would never have a problem.

Well it seems that I need some pictures in here because it’s boring to read something without visualization to relax our reading eyes from vastly imaginative text. Therefore I realized that I have to embed some pictures in this blog.

I would like to share to you a song that I’ve been listening for too long (it’s not actually a song, it’s an album).

Confessions by Alesana


“Have you ever actually seen yourself without a mirror..”

We can’t see our own images without a mirror to look at. That’s an undeniable truth for us humans. Animals get to look (and ignore) their faces in clear, stagnant ponds. Humans look in the mirror for a purpose.

We have to reflect on ourselves. What have I been doing these past few days? Am I doing good? Great? Bad? Awful? It is important that we look at ourselves to make the changes we need to do in our lives.

Maybe that’s what separates us from other organisms (this ideas are excerpted from my Values Education book): “Ang tao ay hindi pa ganap sa kapanganakan, di tulad ng hayop na ganap ang patutunguhan..” something like that.


We are created by God for a purpose in life. It is up to us, by His guidance, to find it.


It’s never too old to dream, despite the fact that we are all aging, (note from the first track of Confessions “Time seizes my hand, only a fool is never afraid..”) we can still be able to do what we want. It’s just faith that we only need.

Well that’s all about images. Secretly I’m practicing how to add images in my blog while you are reading this article.. hihihi.. Anyway, I could generalize that images really matter, for our eyes deceive us less than our minds do.

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