So it’s my first time to write a blog on WordPress (again, I was typing this about 15 minutes ago and it was a long story how I did get back here). It’s a pleasure to have myself into blogging again.

I was on Tumblr a few months (to a year?) ago. I love to write poetry, some thoughtful messages from my favorite yet unknown-by-mainstream bands, and a very few to zero number of pictures, randomly from the internet.

I believe in the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But I believe that poetry, stories, and even a short lyrical phrase is worth a million pictures (I’m pertaining to motion pictures here wherein books are greater than or equal to their movie counterparts.

So let’s get started here. I’m going to start by resuming the long story I introduced in the first paragraphs. I like blogging. I like pictures, words that inspire me and some person out there screaming for help in the internet. I believe that authenticity matters when you are blogging, even though it’s not strictly an article that can be accused of libel (you could freely put a disclaimer on your blog that the author has no responsibility on his content and you’re good to go and nobody will care). But despite that ugly fact, I would like to maintain my blog and I would dream others to be intact in writing too.

English is not my first language. It’s not my favorite subject either (maths and computers still captivate my fading vision). But I would like to tell each and everyone (that “each and everyone” is a redundant expression) that this is a very powerful language. It sparked war and made peace. It killed organisms and somehow managed to cure them. English is comparable to a grim reaper’s scythe able to grasp any soul despite its full strength of resisting.

And blogging is too. To think that most websites on the internet uses WordPress, I would like to join the crowd too (I’m not doing any advertisements here.. lol). Just by greeting the world with a couple of “Hello”s and “Hi”s can make a very drastic ripple to Earth.

So again, I was through a couple of issues that my WordPress editor is not working properly, and then I installed something like wordpress app via Microsoft that rendered it worse, introducing me this famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) similar to this one.


And I just thought my PC’s gonna crash, my Mac-imitation PC.. lol.


I salute you if you know that “Famous Last Words” band. It’s my favorite.

I’m currently using Flyakite OS X type of program that will change every part of Windows to look like somewhat “Mac-y”.

So done with my PC. Let’s start a new adventure about my world and yours too..

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